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Sick call to Monteith no excuse to stay home

Date: 8/18/99
Time: 10:35:11 AM


Sick call to Monteith no excuse to stay home

Timmins Daily Press

August 18, 1999

Calling in sick didnt quite cut it with Monteith Correctional officials after an inmate serving an intermittent sentence phoned to say he wasnt feeling well enough to come to jail.

Guy Calderwood, 20, was sentenced to 15 days straight time in jail after pleading guilty in Timmins Ontario Court of Justice Tuesday to being unlawfully at large and breach of probation.

Calderwood was serving a 60-day term on weekends when on June 4 he phoned Monteith to say he was too ill to come to jail.

Monteith officials ordered him to go to hospital and get checked on.

The court heard Calderwood didnt feel well enough to attend hospital so he disregarded the orders from Monteith and stayed home instead.

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